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JIHLAVAN, a.s. is a traditional supplier of hydraulic technology, components, and systems for the aviation industry, mobile technology, medical applications, and general purposes. Founded in 1952, the company has since then developed into a modern industrial enterprise. Over 10,000 aircraft have been fitted with hydraulic Jihlavan’s technology. The company‘s production concentrates on the following two main directions:

Aviation hydraulics and components for aviation industry

Hydraulic cylinders, control elements, valves, accumulators, etc., as well as high-precision components, such as blades for two-, three-, and five-blade propellers, parts for fuel control systems and aircraft engines.

Mobile hydraulics

For tractor technology – distributors, controller drums, valves, etc.
For trucks – cabin hoisting systems
For health care –hydraulic mechanisms for beds and seats, etc.

In addition to these traditional products, our company collaborates with a number of partners in the area of precision machining, finishing, assembling, and testing of components made of special materials (dural, stainless, titan, inconel, etc.).

JIHLAVAN,, a.s. has a certified quality system as per BS EN ISO 9001:2000, AS EN 9100 rev., and is attested for production and services as per EASA Part-21 and EASA Part-145.

JIHLAVAN,, a. s. is involved in a number of development projects, not only in the Czech Republic (Ae 270, EV 55), but also the European Union (CESAR, RADAR, etc.).  Thanks to participation in such project, the company has access to the latest trends in aviation research and therefore greater opportunities to expand its participation in global subcontractor chains supplying to these fields of industry.


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Current News

October 2017 - Second WFL machining centre

In November 2017 JIHLAVAN, a.s. puts into operation the second multifunctional 5-axis machining centre WFL MILLTURN M30.

September 2017 - L-39NG project

In L-39NG project of Aero Vodochody, JIHLAVAN, a.s. became the partner for development and supply of 42 aerospace components. It harbours 34 hydraulic devices, linear electromechanical actuators, wheels and brakes.