Jihlavan currently delivers components to a number of domestic and international aircraft companies. Historically, it participated in producing aircraft that were developed in Czechoslovakia by companies such as Aero Vodochody and Let Kunovice. A new chapter in the company and its further development has opened by projects for Airbus, one of the two major aircraft manufacturers in the world.

Cirrus SR-22

Small regional

Aircraft Cirrus SR-22

The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine four- or five-seater compact aircraft, which has been manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft in Duluth, Minnesota since 2001. It is a successor to the Cirrus SR20, having a larger wingspan, higher fuel capacity and more powerful engine.
The SR22 range is the best-selling aircraft for general aviation worldwide. Together with the SR20, these are among the best-selling aircraft of the 21st century.

The hydropneumatic damper of the nose undercarriage is the only hydraulic device in the four-seater Cirrus SR-22 aircraft.


The project has been transferred to Jihlavan based on a trilateral agreement among Technometra Radotín, Cirrus Aircraft and Jihlavan.
Based on this agreement, Cirrus Aircraft became the owner of the design for the hydropneumatic damper and Jihlavan became the owner of the mass production documentation.